Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I thought I had given up on this blogging thing but... I'm going to give it one more whirl. However, I have a new blog address :-) I was fed up with the design/ layout of this blog and I don't have time to mess with the code. So I'm moving to Wordpress. Come follow me at: 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Saturday Date Night

For Christmas my parents gave Stephen a fire pit. Saturday night we put it together, loaded it with fire and fired it up. 

While he started the fire, I gathered the necessary essentials ...

MMMmmm deliciousness :-)

Don't you love the stickiness of marshmallows? Oh and being next to the one you love who doesn't care you have chocolate all over my mouth and sticky fingers? There's something so magical sitting under the stars next to a fire reminiscing how our relationship has grown over the past 6 years. 

P.S. A serious redesign will be in the works sooner than later. Right now it's hard to come home and get on the computer for hours after working all day... at a computer. Slowly but surely I'll get something a little more pleasing to the eye. :-) 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Short & Sweet with Yummy Food

Last Friday, I was feeling lazy and ready for a comfortable night at home after work. As I normally do, on a lazy night, I was craving pizza. However, one of our New Year's Resolutions was to eat out less and cook more. So I started searching on the internet and came across the Pillsbury website. Luckily for me, a pizza calzone was one of the first things I spotted.

I stopped by the store and picked up a Pillsburry pizza crust; Hunt's tomato sauce with basil, oregano & something else; pepperoni; spicy italian sausage; bell peppers and mozzarella cheese.

After cooking the sausage, peppers & pepperoni we tossed everything on the rolled out crust, added the sauce and sealed it up. After about 10 minutes  of baking we had the perfect meal to go with my new favorite 'wine' Viva from Llano. As you can see we were hungry and the photo... well was an afterthought.


Thursday, January 5, 2012


For Christmas Stephen gave me a gift certificate to Sandstorm Glassworks here in Lubbock. "To go make our ornaments together." I was SO excited because we had watched the owner, Lee, make glass pieces on the first friday night art trail. I had also been following his Facebook page for a month and had no idea Stephen remembered about the place.

On January 3rd we showed up at his studio at 7pm. Fortunately he allowed us to take (LOTS) of pictures during our session. We learned A LOT about the process, which I loved. Since glass has to be slowly cooled down we had to wait to see our pieces until today when I picked them up.

We got to create 6 glass pieces:

2 ornaments
Stephen's ornament:

Sarah's ornament:

2 wine bottle stoppers

A heart paperweight

A beautiful flower

Now that you've seen the final pieces... here's the process:

We started with the wine bottle stoppers first. Here's Stephen starting on his:

And me working on mine with purple in it... of course!

And just a smidgen of white:

Next Stephen made our flower. Lee suggested a little purple in it and I'm so glad we decided to include it!

Next was the heart paperweight.

Getting ready to make our ornaments!

I would HIGHLY recommend everyone checking out Sandstorm glassworks on Facebook or at He holds various group workshops throughout the month.